Steel Reactive Targets: Safety and Use


1. All firearms should be treated as though they are loaded.

2. Your finger should be outside the trigger guard until you are on target and are ready to fire.

3. Make sure that the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction at all times.

4. Be aware of your target and know what is beyond it.


1. Obey the Firearms Safety Rules listed above at all times.

2. Always wear wrap-around shatter resistant eye protection and hearing protection.

3. When using handgun calibers, always stand at least 10 yards from the target.

4. When using shotgun slugs, always stand at least 100 yards from the target.

5. When using .223 and .308 and similar caliber rifles, always stand at least 100 yards from the target.

6. Rifle calibers should never be used on handgun rated targets.

7. Ammunition that exceeds 3,000 feet for second at the muzzle should never be used.

8. Ammunition that travels below 750 feet per second should never be used.

9. BB’s, steel shot, and air gun pellets should never be shot at steel targets.

10. Only use ammunition that the target is rated for. (Don’t use green tip, armor piercing, etc.)

11. Do not shoot on steel that is pitted, cratered, or damaged in any way.

12. Hard ground surfaces that are under the target should be covered with boxed pea gravel or plywood.

13. Targets should be placed with a 3 foot deep and lateral offset from the adjacent target.

14. An angle of engagement should not exceed 20 degrees if shooting multiple targets.

15. Only use non-toxic paint on steel targets.

16. Inspect all targets for functionality, damage, etc. before using.

17. Observers and shooters must wear long pants (not shorts), a cap or hat with a brim, long sleeve shirts, and closed toed shoes.

18. Observers and instructors should observe all safety rules and stand behind the shooter.

19. It is the responsibility of the Rangemaster to test fire all frangible rounds if using frangible ammunition to determine that:

(1) The projectile pulverizes on contact completely,

(2) At the distances you intend to shoot from, the projectile does not damage the steel target.